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Holiday Date: Jul 29th @ 2:18am EDT
hello guys!! tomorow i ll go in a trip! i ll miss all of your guys! i ll be back in a week!! hope to see all of you again ! i ll put some pictures from sea!
hello about people of here... Date: Jul 10th @ 1:06am EDT
Hello guys! what happen with all of you? no one into my room? i dont mean into pvt.! into publiczone! alot of people whom know not in my room! hope they are well and wayt them into my room! great day,weekend,life!!!! kisses
about my hair Date: Jul 8th @ 1:12am EDT
Hello guys!! yesteday i got a new haircut!! hope all will like it! i would love to know every opinion! come into my room and tell me how look my new haircut! :P alot of kisses guys!! ♥ LOVEEE YAA!!
hello guys Date: May 24th @ 1:35am EDT
we have a problem lol!!!!! i wanna say here forr all of you! i m horny lol! who solve me? :P
tour Date: May 6th @ 8:48am EDT
One of the activities I enjoyed in college was being in clubs. I was in one club that helped recruit new students. Our jobs were to give tours, explain about the school and if a person was spending the night or the weekend I was to provide a place to stay for them. I found out that my first student was coming in around election-day when secondary schools were closed. I also found out that I had to find him a place to stay for the whole weekend. I was thinking maybe he is cute looking and I could have sex with him.

Well the Friday he was to come finally arrived. I was told that I had to meet him at Pennsylvania Station (Train Station). I was running a little late as I usually do. I pulled up in front of the train station in my Audi 5000 and saw this real cute looking guy standing out front with bags. I parked my car in the passenger pickup zone. I went over to the guy and said, "Are you Paul?" He answered, "Yes, I am." We shook hands as I thought of how I would like to shake his cock empty of his juices. I helped him put his bags in my car and we drove off to my school. I gave him a small tour of the city. I was in a hurry to get him back to school. We finally arrived at my school. I told Paul he could leave his stuff in my car and we could start the campus tour now. He did as I told him.

I showed him around the school. When I showed him our swimming pool I told him this was my favorite place to come and relax. The swimming team was in there at the time. I saw one of my intimate friends named Joe and waved to him. I watched as Joe swam for awhile and then Paul and I left to go eat something. I thought of how I would love to eat him. After we had finished eating I suggested that he rest because of his long trip and tour. He agreed. I stayed in the apartment complex at school. About four people shared each apartment. Each person had their own room. I showed Paul where my room was. I showed him where the bathroom was. I could not introduce him to any of my suitemates because they were all out somewhere.

Paul dropped his bags in my room and stretched his body. It looked so perfect. I suggested to Paul that he take a shower before his nap. He like the good little angel he is agreed. Before I knew it Paul had stripped naked with his back to me. I looked at his ass. It was so round and soft looking. I wanted to feel them. Just as my mind was wandering off again, Paul walked out of my room naked. I looked at my pants and saw that I was hard as hell. I wanted Paul so bad and I was determined to get him.

I remembered that Paul did not have a towel so that was my excuse to go to the bathroom. I stripped my clothes off of my body and grabbed the towel and headed for the bathroom. I walked thru the open door and then closed it. My cock was sticking straight out in front of bouncing up and down as I moved. I walked over to the sink and turned on the water and said, "I hope you don't mind me being in here while you are showering." Paul answered back, "No, I don't mind." I turned off the water in the sink and walked over to the shower and pulled open the curtains and said to him, "You forgot to get a towel." "No I did not forget one. I knew you would bring me one.", he said as he grabbed me by my cock and pulled me into the shower with him. His hands were all over my cock and I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his ass cheeks.

I pulled Paul tightly to me and placed my lips on his. My tongue parted his lips and his tongue emerged to work on me. We held each other for a long time that way. Then I started caressing his chest and pinching his nipples. Where my hands went my tongue followed. I licked and nibbled on his nipples. Paul was moaning. My hands roamed down further to his lower stomach. I moved my hands around his thighs and his ass. My tongue found his navel. At that moment I wanted Paul in my mouth before he shot all over me. I grabbed his cock in my hands and started jerking him off as the water ran down his cock to my hands and down my arm. I grabbed his balls in my hands and rolled them around in their sack. Then I opened my mouth and took his large cockhead into my mouth. I sucked on it. I licked the small slit on the top. Paul was going wild. I was going wild. I knew that he would be cumming soon. I took his entire length into my mouth. Running my tongue along it as it slid in. Soon I was working my tongue at the bottom when Paul let out a gasp and started shooting his cum down my throat. I sucked the remaining cum out of his now soft cock. I stood up and kissed him again and he started rubbing my cock. I said to him, "Don't worry you will have some of this soon."

We got out of the shower and dried off. We went back into my room. I told Paul to take a short nap because I knew he was totally drained of energy. As we laid naked side by side on my twin bed, I could not help watching his body as he slept. His cock was hard again and throbbing. I felt it and it twitched. I felt his thighs, chest, arms, and face. I wanted more of Paul.

I leaned over Paul and kissed him on the lips and said to him, "It is my turn now." Paul smiled because he knew he was going to have me. I crawled down to the bottom of the bed between his legs. I took his swollen cock into my mouth again and he moaned. I let his cock slip from my lips and slid my tongue down to his hairy balls. I went further. My hands were holding his legs apart as I touched his asshole with the tip of my tongue. Paul shook. Then I started to lick his hole up and down. I pushed my tongue into his wet hole. He was enjoying it. I licked one of my fingers and slid it inside of him and then I placed his cock back inside my mouth while my finger worked inside of his body. I pulled my finger out of him and my head off of his cock.

I got up top of Paul and spread my ass cheeks. I took the head of his cock and directed it towards my now gaping asshole. I slid down on Paul's thick pole. He moaned. I groaned. I dropped my ass down to his body. His entire cock was deep inside of me. I then started lifting and dropping myself on him. He was going wild. He was pushing his cock deep inside of me as I came down on it. Then Paul started to really go wild. The next thing I knew his cum was running out of my hole down the length of his cock.

I rested awhile and let his cock slide out of me. I climbed up his body further to straddle his face. I pulled his head up and slid my cock into his opened mouth. I slid in and out. Fucking his face. I slid my entire length between his hot lips. As he started to moan and move his head to meet my thrust I pulled out. I then laid on top of him and kissed him. I asked Paul, "Do you want me inside of your body?" He answered, "Yes."

I spread his legs apart and placed my wet cock to the entrance of his still wet hole. I pushed and he opened up to me. It was wonderful. I soon had the entire length deep inside of him. He moaned. I stayed still for a couple of minutes so that he could adjust to me being inside of him. Then I started to fuck him slowly. Then I increased my assault on him. He moaned as I slid in and out of his tight and wet hole. All of a sudden I could feel it coming. I fell over top of his body as my cock spurted cum juices into his body. I pulled out of Paul and we both got the much need sleep we needed.

I woke up hearing someone knocking on the door. I got up and opened the door. My cock got instantly hard as Joe walked into the room. I told Joe to be quiet because Paul was still asleep. Joe grabbed my dick and we both kissed. I asked Joe if he would join us in bed. He also, like a good angel, agreed. I helped Joe to take off of his clothes. Then we both walked over to the bed. Paul was awake watching both of us smile. Paul smiled also. We all started caressing and feeling each other. In each hand I had a cock. We kissed and tongued.

I noticed that Joe was preparing Paul for another fuck in his hole. Joe was between Paul's legs licking and sucking. I slid down Paul's body and sucked his cock as Joe fucked his hole with his tongue. Paul shot a big load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it. Joe moved into position to fuck Paul. Joe was saying how tight and good Paul felt. I got up and straddled Paul's face and his lips parted as my cock slid in. Paul's body was being entered in two places. He was getting fucked in two places. His warm mouth soon had me shooting cum all in his face. Then Joe shot his load into Paul. We all got dressed and went out for dinner.

And to think that was only Friday. Paul had two more days with us. And to think that he was going to attend my college.
loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Date: May 1st @ 2:57am EDT
Early one Saturday morning while my wife was away at work, I was searching the internet and saw an add for used porn for sale. It said, "Straight, bi, and gay DVD's-all in very good condition!" I was very interested and sent a reply. I have a large collection of porn, but no man on man porn so I was hoping to add some to my collection. Within minutes I received a response saying it was available along with a number to call. I dialed the number and the voice of what sounded like an older man answered. I told him I was calling about his porn and would like to check it out. It was just after 8:00 am; he gave me directions and said I could come over in about an hour. Since I had just gotten up just a short time ago, I showered and got dressed and left.

It'd been about an hour by the time I arrived, knocking on his door. The older gentleman answered the door, welcoming me in after I told him who I was and what I was there for. Being as he had gay porn I thought he might look gay, but he looked like an everyday guy. He was about six foot tall and somewhere over two hundred pounds, in his late 50's, with salt and pepper hair. He told me the DVD's were in his movie room and he led the way. He had a nice big screen-like 55 inches or so-with a couple of large shelving units full of DVD's. He handed me two stacks of DVD's; the first stack he said was man on man, as I had indicated I was interested in on the phone. As I went through them he told me what ones he preferred. After I went back and forth through them repeatedly, he said he could play them so I could browse through the chapters on his big screen. I felt a little nervous, but said sure.

He took the DVD's from me, turned everything on, handed me the remote, and told me to have a seat on the sofa to get comfortable. He selected three DVD's and said these are the best out of the ten, putting one in the player. Just as the screen popped up to select the play options and the porn music started, I felt a tremble rush through my body causing the remote to shake in my hand.

He noticed and told me, "Don't be nervous, just relax." He then grabbed a remote for the lights and said, "Here, let me dim the lights down for you."

Just as I selected a scene he asked if I minded if he had a seat on the sofa. How could I say no since it was his sofa, so he quickly sat down. This whole thing was awkward and I was feeling very nervous. I fast forwarded off and on, browsing through the scenes and quickly found myself getting a slight hard on. By the time I browsed through six scenes on the first DVD, I was so turned on. As he got up to switch the DVD, I noticed by the bulge in his pants that he was as well.

While putting in the second DVD he said, "Damn; that one never got me so turned on before," and then sat back down. After browsing the first scene and starting the second he said, "I hope you don't mind," and with nothing else said, he undid his pants and pulled out his already hard cock.

Oh my gosh, I thought to myself as I looked out the corner of my eye. My heart begin to pound as I noticed him gently stroking himself right there next to me. I was so nervous but so turned on, my own cock was bulging and throbbing in my pants. I slowed down on browsing and began to nervously watch more of the action on the screen, but not for long. While he continued gently stroking his hard cock he asked me if I would like to give him a hand. I wanted to reach out and touch his hard cock but all I could do at that moment was stare down at his throbbing cock. Then he just reached over, taking my hand and guiding it over to his cock, placing the palm against his shaft; without any resistance, I found myself wrapping my hand around his big cock. Within seconds I was slowly stroking up and down on his hard, throbbing cock. He told me how good my hand felt and said he has been wanting a helping hand for a long time.

Shortly after I began feeling comfortable stroking his cock, he said that he wanted to get out of his clothes and get comfortable. He stood up and began removing his pants while telling me that I needed to do the same. I nervously went ahead and stripped down, but only to my low cut briefs which exposed the tip of my throbbing, stiff cock out the top. He quickly sat back down, leaning back into the sofa with his legs spread apart which I took as an invite for me to kneel between. I dropped to my knees and slid into position between his legs and leaned forward, grabbing his cock into my hands. With his cock right there in my face, I watched as I began to stroke.

He moaned and said, "That's so much better."
I agreed, saying, "Yes, it is and I like the feel of your big, hard cock in my hand." While I stroked his cock I looked up from time to time and made comments about how much I liked what I was doing.

He stared down, watching me as he also made comments; he had a perfect view watching down on me stroking him. As I gave one of my looks up at him telling him how much I enjoyed the stroking, he told me that's good and that now I need to suck it. Then I felt him place his hand on the back of my head and begin pulling me closer towards his cock. I couldn't resist and opened my mouth, allowing him to guide himself right in. Once he had about an inch or two in my mouth, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and he release my head allowing me to take control. His cock was a good six inches or so and not too thick, but felt so big in my mouth as I went down on him. I began to slowly suck up and down, and he let out soft moans of pleasure. Like when stroking him, I would look up from time to time and again he was staring down, watching me while saying how good I was doing and how good I made him feel. At times he would place his hands on the back of my head and gently force me to deep throat his cock. I could almost take the whole length, but always gagged on the last inch.

I was enjoying myself and was so turned on as I continued; I knew he was feeling really good as he kept telling me how good he felt as he moaned with pleasure. Then he said, "I think you need to get fucked." Without saying a word I felt a tremble rush through me and my heart began to pound. I have sucked some cocks before but I have never been butt-fucked. I really enjoyed sucking his cock and didn't want to stop, but I have fantasized about getting butt-fucked for a long time. While holding him by the base of his cock, I looked up and told him that I had never been fucked before but I really would like to. He was excited and said that he would be gentle with me. I then continued to suck as he talked about fucking my virgin ass. Within minutes he was so worked up, he said that it was time for me to get fucked. He guided my head off of his cock and stood up. Then, giving me his hand and pulling me up off the floor, he said that we needed to go to the bedroom for this. We quickly made it down the hall to the bedroom where he let me enter first, him following close behind. As I stopped, facing the foot of the bed, he came up behind me and rubbed his stiff cock on my butt cheeks while telling me to loose my shorts. As I did what he said, he grabbed a couple of towels, spreading a large bath towel on his bed and then tossed a hand towel there beside it. We were standing between the foot of his bed and his dresser-where he opened a drawer neatly filled with toys. He gave me a peek and said they belonged to him and his wife, saying he cleans and sanitizes them after every use so they'd be safe to use.

At my look, he said, "Yeah, I'm married. But it's OK, she's out of town for the weekend."

He then pulled out a large bottle of lube a condom and an anal probe about three quarters of an inch in diameter and about six inches long, telling me to get onto the bed and lay face down on the towel with my legs spread. Just as soon as I was in position I felt a big drop of lube land between my butt cheeks. He told me to relax and enjoy as I felt a finger slide down between my cheeks; he slowly worked his finger around while pouring on some more lube. Then I felt him apply some pressure against the tight entry of my ass with his finger, which caused me to let out a soft moan.

"Oh yeah," he said, "you're going to enjoy this."
I then felt his finger slowly slip into my ass, "Ohhh!" I moaned as he inched his finger in and out, applying more lube as he went.

He took his time and continued until his finger was slipping in and out of my ass with ease. Damn it felt so good and I softly moaned with pleasure. He continued fingering my ass for a short time before removing his finger and telling me that he had something better. Then I felt the tip of the anal probe push against my lubed ass. It felt big, but slid right in without any pain, and he slowly began sliding it in deeper. He worked it slow and I could feel pressure as it went deep inside me. He continued probing my ass for sometime before he said it was time; he slid the probe out of me and told me to get up on my knees. He then grabbed the two large pillows from the head of the bed and stacked them in front of me, telling me to bend over them. As I was bending over, getting situated on the pillows, I noticed him putting on a condom. Then I felt him climbing up onto the bed behind me. My heart began to pound as I realized I was about to get fucked. Then he grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them apart as he moved into position, touching the head of his cock against my lubed ass. He grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed his cock while telling me that he was going to fuck me good. Then while spreading my left cheek I felt him gently begin to apply pressure. The head of his cock slowly slid into my ass. "Ohhhh yes!" I moaned as he slowly slid gently into me; he moved his cock back and forth while inching his way deeper. He grabbed my hips with both hands as he slid his cock all the way to the base. The pressure I felt with his cock buried deep in my ass was amazing. He finally began to fuck me; he went very slow, back and forth, until he was sliding the full length of his cock in and out of my ass. It felt so good and I was softly moaning with pleasure. While holding tight onto my hips he pulled me back into him as he shoved forward, forcing his cock deep into me. Then he began to move in a circular motion. Oh my gosh, again the pressure I felt with his cock buried deep in my ass felt so good and at times it felt like I was going to cum; I moaned has he continued fucking my ass in that circular motion. Damn, my ass felt so good stuffed full of cock and getting fucked. He told me that my tight ass felt so good around his hard cock as he continued fucking me.

"Oh, yes," I said, "and your cock feels so good in my ass." I felt his cock start thrusting a little faster. And then faster; he was now fucking me at a nice study pace, causing me to continue moaning softly with his thrusting.
"Oh, yes," I said, "fuck me, fuck me," and that he did.

Within seconds he was thrusting his cock faster and faster. I reach down with one hand and began rubbing and gently stroking my cock as he continued fucking me. I had to be careful because I was afraid I might loose control and cum. Suddenly his thrusting went to pounding; oh my gosh I had to stop touching my cock before I came! The force of his cock going deep and hard in my ass, with his body pounding hard against me, was almost too much to handle. My moans quickly changed to loud, deep moans as he continued to fuck and pound me hard from behind. I wanted to cum so bad, but I knew if I did I wouldn't be able to continue so I had to be careful keeping myself on the edge while waiting for him to cum first. I didn't have to wait long before he began telling me that he was going to cum as he now fucked me his hardest. He gripped tight onto my waist and shoved his cock deep into me while letting out a loud grunting moan as he began to cum, buried deep inside me. I felt his body jerking against me as he released every drop. Just as he finished cumming he slowly pulled out of me and I rolled over onto my back and began stroking my hard cock. He stood at the foot of the bed watching me while telling me to cum. Looking down between my legs I could see the tip of the cum filled condom hanging off the head of his now half limp cock. I continued stroking my cock and within a few seconds I was shooting my cum all over my stomach as he stood watching over me and telling me what a good job as I finished. He then tossed me the towel he had on the bed and said here you might want to clean up a bit. He went into his bathroom where I heard him cleaning himself up as I wiped the cum from my stomach and slimy lube from between my ass cheeks.

After we were dressed, handed me two DVDs while leading me to the door and said, "Here these are on me."
I said, "Thanks."
He smiled and said, "You'll have to come back sometime and I'll give you more in exchange for another good fuck!"
I grinned and said, "Sounds good to me," as I turned and walked out the door.
opened up Date: Apr 30th @ 9:07am EDT
Steve and I only fucked each other every couple of weeks, as he was is married and it is a little hard for him to get away sometimes. As I was fucked more often, his cock would slide into my arse a little easier each time. Between him using his fingers (up to 3), vibrators, and of course his cock, the more often I got fucked the more I liked it. I especially loved when he would blow his load into me, then the feeling of it dripping out. On one visit he mentioned there was a sweet guy he worked with, he was 18 and still at school, he worked casual on weekends. Steve said they would talk sex a bit. One day after work they went out for a drink and after a few the sweet boy mentioned that he had a fantasy about having sex with a guy, especially being fucked. On the way home they stopped somewhere quiet and sucked each other\'s cocks.

Steve invited Paul to come to my place on his next visit. They both arrived; Paul is 18, about 5\'6 slim build, and we sat and chatted for a while and had a few drinks. Then Steve started rubbing his leg and then his cock, which we could see was rock hard. He moaned when Steve touched him. He sat back and spread his legs, then Steve pulled Paul\'s 7″ cock out of his pants, wrapped his hand around it and slid his hand up and down, Paul moaning louder with each stroke.

Steve suggested I stick my cock in his mouth, and Paul opened his mouth and willingly took my cock when it was offered. I took hold of his head and started fucking his mouth as Steve started sucking his cock.

After about 10 min Steve and I swapped places; I got between his spread legs and took his cock into my mouth as Steve stood up, put a hand on either side of his head, and slid his rock hard cock into Paul\'s mouth and proceeded to fuck his mouth. Between the moaning and chocking noises he yelled out he was going to cum, then almost immediately his body stiffened and he blew his load into my mouth. His young cum tasted divine; interesting, the same as Steve\'s, but different.

I then got up, Steve went down on him to suck the remaining cum out of his cock, while I dribbled the cum in my mouth into Paul\'s mouth. He was a bit surprised but took it all.

After a rest and a another drink, we all took our clothes off. He had a nice little body, totally smooth. I told him to get on his hands and knees so we could see his arse. Steve and I ran our hands over his smooth pert arse and I ran my finger up and down his crack, watching as his cock got immediately hard again. Steve got some oil and ran it down his crack while I slowly and gently started to work my finger into him. Paul started pulling away but I grabbed his hips and told him to keep still, then pushed my finger in little by little, pushing it in then pulling it all the way out, until he took it all.

I could tell he was a little distressed and probably in some pain, but I said to him his arse is too nice not to fuck so he better get used to it. I fingered his arse for a bit longer as Steve moved around in front of him and slid his cock into his mouth. He held his head and fucked his mouth while I continued to finger fuck his hole, again he was moaning and choking.

I said to Paul, \"Well now is the time to decide if you want your arse fucked. But I must warn you, once I start I\'m not going to stop, regardless of what you say. Then Steve is going to fuck you. Then me and then Steve again. We\'ll both fuck you until we both blow our loads in you, and then you are going to suck us both clean.\"

He thought about it for a second then said, \"Oh yes, I want that.\"

I moved around in front of him, took his head between my hands, and said to him, \"Have a good look and suck of the first cock that is going to fuck your arsehole.)

He licked and sucked my cock, then I pulled out and got behind him, telling him to spread his cheeks.

I put my cock against his hole and told him to push back. My cock slowly started to slide into him. God he was tight! Again he started to moan, but I\'m sure this time was out of pain. I worked about half my cock in.

I asked him if he wanted me to stop, but he said with a voice which was obviouly in pain, \"No, I want you to fuck me.\"

So I held his hips tight and pushed the rest of my 7 inches into him. He screamed out in pain, but I just kept going, pumping my cock all the way in and out. I wrapped my arm around his hips and grabbed his cock and started pulling and rubbing it as I pounded his arse. He continued to moan, but to his credit he didn\'t pull away. I fucked him for a bit longer, then pulled out. I could see and feel the relief in his body, but just as he started to relax Steve moved behind him and just shoved his cock all the way up him in one go. Again he screamed out, but to no avail; Steve just pounded him.

I went and stuck my cock into his mouth. I held his hair and rammed my cock in his mouth for a few minutes before me and Steve swapped around again and again. By my 3rd time in his arse, he was pushing his arse back to meet the thrusts of my cock, yelling out \'FUCK ME!\' Then Steve had one more go but this time he fucked him much harder and then blew his load up his arse. I then got behind Paul again, his arsehole gaping open so much that my cock just slid straight in and I pounded his 18 year old arsehole until I blew my load into him. Then both Steve and I lay down and we told him to lick and suck our cocks clean.

Then I told him it was his turn to cum. He lay on his back and took his rock hard cock in his hand, and I climbed on top of him and slid my arse down on his cock with ease. I slid up and down on it, then Steve climbed on and got his arse filled with Paul\'s hard cock. I had another go before Paul blew his large load deep inside me. I was rock hard again, so I suggested a double ass fucking to Paul. I told him it would really hurt, but he was so turned on that he said I could do whatever I wanted to do to him.

So Steve lay on the bed, Paul got on top of him and lowered himself down until Steve\'s cock was all the way up him. Then I got behind him and I worked my cock into his arse. Again he was moaning in pain, but I kept going, looking down at his poor stretched arsehole. We both pounded him, me ramming from behind as Steve was pushing up. The feeling of Steve\'s cock against mine in Paul\'s tight arse was just amazing. We held him tight and both of us blew into his arse within a few seconds of each other. Both Steve and I shuddered as we blew and I\'m Paul did too.

We lay beside each other on the bed and Paul said, \"You guy\'s can fuck me anytime you like; you can do anything you want to me and I will do anything you want.\"

To be continued...
new life Date: Apr 29th @ 12:58pm EDT
I had been in a car accident a year ago and the doctor had me see someone to talk to. The doctor was the typical overweight man, about six three bald with glasses. Every time I went to his office he was in shorts. I even joked about it but got no response. We always sat at the table in his office and after talking he would have me put my head down and he would talk to calm me. Soon he would say things and I would respond, like raise your hand, take a deep breath, stuff like that. After a year I would almost fall asleep as soon as my head was down resting on my arms as I sat in the chair.

One day when I arrived at his office everyone had left for the day. The place seemed so quiet and dark as the lights were turned off. We started to talk when he said tell me about your early sex life. It took me back but I figured it was supposed to do that to keep me off guard and tell him what he wanted to know. He moved quickly and asked me to tell him what jumps into my mind when he says the word cock.

"I picture a cock," I told him honestly.

"Tell me what it looks like," he asked.

"Well, it's hard with a mushroom head and a slight vein on the side," I described it.

"That's very detailed; is that what yours looks like?"

"No," I replied.


"I am reaching for the cock I guess."

"Describe to me how it feels."

"It's hard and soft at the same time, like something inside of it is hard but the outside is soft."

"And how does it smell?"

"Clean, like soap."


"Kind of like rubber."

"How does it feel to your tongue?"

"I can feel the mushroom head and when I go over it the cock moves."

"Do you like it?"


"I want you to suck it like you want it to cum."

"I am bobbing my head up and down, my saliva is making it all wet and I can feel it hitting the back of my throat now there is a slight taste of precum, I am sucking harder."

"And what are you wearing?"

Another question to throw my off. But I imagine looking down.

"I am in a dress, blue and white checkered with white lace trim, white stockings and black shoes."

"And do your stocking go all the way to your waste?"

"No, they're knee highs."

"Are your legs shaved?"

"Yes, smooth and soft."

"Where is the cock?"

"I'm holding it with my hand, pumping it slowly as I look down at myself."

"And what is the man saying whose cock is in your hand?"

"Suck it bitch!"

"Are you a bitch?"

I look down and see I have no underwear on.

"I am more a slut I think."

"A slut, not a whore?"

"I don't know."

"Go back and start sucking his cock once again."


"Describe what he looks like and what he is doing."

"He has big muscular legs, his jeans are around his feet and he has his hands on the back of my head as I suck on his cock."

"Is he making you take his cock deep?"

"Yes, but my hand is playing with his balls and I want his cum."

"Okay, he is about to cum, tell me what's happening."

"He has pulled his cock out of my mouth and is jerking it hard in front of my face. He pulls my head back by my long hair, I have my mouth open but he is resting his cock on my upper lips and pushes his cock hard against my nose, then he shoots up my nose! 'Whores need to smell their masters,' he says. Snort it in bitch until you swallow it! I am snorting it, but it makes me cough. Now he makes me suck the last cum out of it."

"Remember that smell, and what you are wearing and we will continue tomorrow."

I lift my head, half tired, half horny.

"I think we made a breakthrough. I want you to go and buy yourself something you would normally never wear and wear it tomorrow."

The next day I went shopping, looking for something to wear. I stared at women's thongs for a very long time but I would never wear it. I went into an adult shop and bought a collar. It was leather and had a 'D' rind on it. I put it on and went to the doctors.

"Nice collar," he said as I entered the room. "Was that your first thought?"

I froze for a moment then told him the truth, "No, I was looking at women's thongs, but was embarrassed and bought the collar instead."

"I believe you want to be submissive and serve a man. What do you think about that?"

"I don't know, maybe."

"I think we have to take this one step at a time. Tonight, I want you to shave your body of all the hair but what's on your head, and buy the thong and wear it at home. If you feel comfortable enough, wear them here with the collar. Can you still smell the cum up your nose?"

I take a sniff.

"Yes, I can," I say, surprised at myself.

"I also want you to think about what you told me; are you a slut or a whore or a man?"

I went home not sure what to say but I stopped by the adult shop and bought the thong. It was the one I wanted, red with lace and only string in the back. I went home and that night could not stop thinking about what the doctor asked - am I a slut or a whore? I closed my eyes and imagined sucking the man's cock, I could taste and smell it, his hands on the back of my head, gently forcing me to suck his cock and all the time he kept saying 'suck it cunt.'

The next day I got to the doctor's office early and everyone was gone. The doctor came out and sat in the lobby with me after closing the office door and locking it.

"Do you have the thong on?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded. My cock was getting hard as I looked down I could see the doctor still in his shorts.

"So what are you? A slut, whore, or a man?"

I looked at the doctor straight in the eye. "Neither. I thought a lot about what the man called me. He called me Cunt, so I am a cunt willing to do whatever it takes to please that man."

The doctor was speechless this time.

"So if you're a cunt, what do I call you?"

"Whatever you want," I said, not sure myself. "But I feel I am realizing that I am a cunt and I feel I want to be what I see myself as."

"You want to be a girl?"

"I want to be whatever is required of me to be in order to serve."

I glanced down at his shorts and could see the tip of his cock. My mouth began to water and for the first time I knew what I wanted. The doctor noticed what I was looking at and moved so his cock was not showing.

"Then you have to make the change and live with it. Go out and buy yourself clothing to suit your needs, and tomorrow we will meet back here."

I felt the doctor was just brushing me off but in the end I knew he was right. I needed to make the change so I went out and bought all new clothing, from lingerie to dresses and a few toys as well, butt plugs and harnesses, nipple pumps and breast pumps. I went and had my hair done and looked even more like a chick then some I have known. I was ready to accept my new life.
:D Date: Apr 27th @ 12:26pm EDT
i wasn't always bisexual, at one time i thought ia was heterosexual. i found the real me shortly after graduating from high school.i had moved out from my mothers and had an apartment of my own.one day after work i got a call from my sister tina. she asked to come over, isaid yes. she came over bearing gifts, she had a 12 pack of beer. we downed 3 or 4 each and i guess she was ready to talk. so she said ed i need to move out of ma's and i need a place to stay. i said i only have one bedroom but you can use it, i can sleep on the couch. she bent over and kissed me and said you are a dear. she said there are some things you need to know first. i said go ahead and tell me. she said i like girls. i didn't catch on right at first and she said ed i mean i have sex with girls. i said oh. she said so if you are still willing to let me stay you will have to realize i will have women over and will probably have sex right in front of you. i said well now that is something to think about i took a second and said if you don't mind fucking in front of me i don't mind the idea of watching. and tina if you must know i am getting turned on right now just thinking about watching my sister fuck some other girl. she said are you now and reached over and grabbed my crotch and said yes you are how sweet. she said you ed you are the only man i have ever want to be fucked by. well tina i might as well tell you up front i am a virgin and that you would be my first fuck. she said alright then you let me stay here and we fix your virginity. i said deal.
so no longer was a virgin i fucked my sister. i wonder how many guys broke out of their virgin state by fucking their sisters or even their mothers. i enjoyed watching my sister fuck her girlfreinds. one day my sister said, after we got done fucking, ed have you ever thought about what it would be like screwing another man or maybe being fucked by another man. i said no. i said tina i will confess to you that in high school i used tolook at the other guys in the showers and when we were getting dressed. i did like what i saw. she said i know some guys that might break you in if you want to find out. i said sure why not you like girls maybe i like guys. so she set up a meet with some guys.
i went over to the house she gave me the address of. i was nerveous. after i was let in we sat down and had a few drinks. after a while one of the guys came over and sat down next to me. he put his hand on my leg a slowly moved it it to my crotch. when he got there he started massaging my balls and cock. he leaned over and kissed me gently on my lips. he leaned back and took my hand and brought it to his crotch. i felt his balls and cock, and nearly came in my pants. he said you like what you feel, then don't be afraid go ahead unzip my pants and take my cock out and kiss it. i was so turned on. i couldn't belive what i was doing, but i was doing just that. i shaking but i wanted that cock and balls so bad. finally i got his cok and balls where i could get to them and without him asking i bent down and licked his balls and then ifound his dick inside my mouth and iwas sucking it. it was so good. after i got done sucking his cock and he blew his load of cum in my mouth. while i was still swallowing his cum i got up and went to the next man and started sucking his cock. after i had sucked everybodys cock i finally looked up and said thank you. one of the men said if you really want to thank me then let me fuck you in the ass right now. i looked at him realizing i was still hot and said i would like that. i asked what he wanted me to do. he said take your pants off and bend over the table i did as i was told. two of the guys spread my ass cheeks and the man that wanted to fuck me smeared some sort of lubrication on my ass then started forcing his cock into my asshole. i was wondering if he was going to tear my ass apart but i didn't ask. deeper and deeper until i felt his balls against my ass cheeks. then he started pulling out then back in over and over harder and harder faster and faster un til i finally felt his cock stiffen for the expulsion of his cum. i didn't even think about asking him to pull out and cum on my back i just let him cum inside my ass. after he was down i turned around and fell to my knees and licked his cock clean.
we had some more drinks and they said we don't have to ask if you liked sucking and being fucked we can see that you do.i said any time you would like me to suck your dicks or you would like to fuck just ask. they said we didn't service you i said thats alright i got what i wanted and if i feel i need to fuck something i can always fuck tina when i get home. one of the guys said so the cunt was telling the truth when she said her brother was fucking her. i said thats true i do enjoy fucking my sister but if you want to know the truth i would rather suck a mans dick and be fuck by a man.
so i am only bi sexual because i fuck my sister otherwise i would be a stone cold faggot.
into gay Date: Apr 26th @ 12:55am EDT
It's sunday morning,and i'm still on a high from last night. Although
it was the worst party i've ever been a party to, it was the best night
i've had in years.

My wife is off somewhere,with her dope head friends,no doubt. Since my
experience with Greg, i really didn't care anymore. All i could think
about,at this time, was my experence with Greg. There's a video in my
mind,that's playing it over and over. The feel of our mouths pressed
together. Our tongues in and out of each others mouths. That's still
fresh in my mind.

So what happened to me? One minute i'm straight,and the next,i'm having
passionate sex with a guy. Am i gay all of a sudden? I raised the blind
to let some sun in,and i see the woman accross the drive getting out of
her car,looking as sexy as always. Tight jeans that show the shape of
her nice ass, and those large breasts against her small T shirt. How i'd
like to eat her pussy, and fuck her. Then i thought, if i'm gay,i wouldn't
want that. Maybe i'm bisexual. Do i love Greg, or am i just in lust? A
lot of questions and no answers. What i do know is, Gregs still in my head
and i want him. I thought about it, while in bed last night. About being
together naked on a bed. What would he do to me? What would i do to him?

I went in the bathroom, stripped,and got in the shower. While i enjoyed
the warm water on my body,i kept thinking of Greg. I knew what i thought
i wanted to do. Suck his cock again,and each one of his balls. Then part
his cheeks and push my tongue into his ass. Thinking about it gave me an
erection. so,while i was thinking about that,i jacked off.
Then i finished my bath and got out.

I would've liked to call Greg up today and get together, but i didn't
get his number. Maybe we can find a place to be alone after work monday.
I really want to suck his cock again. What's happened to me? I don't know
if there's something wrong with me, or maybe i'm just getting over
something that's been wrong all my life. If this is a sickness, i'm sure
there's no cure.

It's monday morning, and usually i'm not so anxious to get to the job.
But today i am. I hope the day passes quickly. I want to be alone with him
again. kiss him, touch him, and taste him. I arrived 30 minutes before work
time. About 5 more minutes Greg pulled in. I went right to him, and we sat
in his car talking. I wanted to kiss him, but i afraid to do that here.
We'd get off work at 3, and greg told me he lived with his parents, but
they wouldn't be home till 6:30 or 7, so we could go there.

It seemed the day dragged by so slow. But 3 o'clock finally arrived and
we got to his place. We stripped and showered together, washing each other
and kissing, and fondling our bodys. Then Dryed off and went to his room.
I didn't waste any time getting his cock in my mouth. I'm guessing it was
about 7 inches and thicker than my own. His balls were shaved, and i was
so full of lust for his body. I sucked each one, then moved on down and
pushed my tongue into his ass. He was groaning,and saying "oh baby."

I went back up to suck him, but he pulled me up,and kissed me, saying
"oh baby,i want to fuck you". I've never had anything in my ass,and i knew
it would hurt. But i kissed him,and told him,do it. He got lube from a
drawer,and lubed my ass, pushing his fingers all the way in. I got on hands
and knees, and he pushed his cock in,and gently worked all of it up my ass.
It hurt some, but i didn't want him to stop. He fucked slow at first and it
felt better now, so i said, "fuck me faster baby". Then he started pounding

His balls bumped my ass, giving me a sensation i'd never felt.The more he
fucked,the better i liked it. His hard cock was now stabbing joy into my body.
Then he pulled my hips against him, and his throbbing cock spilled his cum
in me. He pulled out and i turned and sucked out the last drops. Then we
laid back, and he kissed me,and told me he loved me.
I said,"i think i love you". "This is all new to me. I've never been intimate
with a guy". We kissed again,and he said, "we'll take it slow".

Then he went down,and took my cock into his mouth. I was in heaven. I felt
soooo loved. He sucked me for 4 or5 minutes, and i couldn't hold back any
longer. I felt as if i were floating. I felt my semen surging through my
prostate. My cock throbbed violantly, and my cum shot into my lovers mouth.

Then we lay together talking and he said he wants us to get an apt and move
in together. I didn't have to think about it. I said, "yes". The sooner the
better. we agreed to go apt hunting after work tomorrow. Then we checked the
time. 5:43. I said, "i better go before your folks get here". I gave him my
cell number and said, call me later if you can get away or,if you can't,call
me anyway". He said "i will baby". I kissed him and left.
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