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yeaa in office Date: Apr 25th @ 1:13am EDT
I came out of Mr. Sloat's office somewhat confused and bewildered. I had just done something that I had never thought I would do and I was somewhat disconcerted at how easy it had been for the old man to bend me to his will.

I went back to my cube and started in on some of the work I had been given but the truth was I found it difficult to concentrate on what I needed to do. Finally, I got up and went to the break room to get myself some coffee.

"Well, hello," said a female voice. "Are you new here?"

I turned around and looked at the woman. "Yes, ma'am. I just started today."

The woman smiled at me. "I know," she said. "I was just making conversation. So how do you like the job so far?"

Penelope Evans had enjoyed a rather spectacular rise as a legal eagle. At age thirty, she was already firmly established as a partner and she had already had a couple of legal ground breaking cases. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at me and I wondered if maybe I should tell her what had happened to me but at the last minute, I chickened out. "It's going fine," I told her.

Ms. Evans poured herself a cup of coffee. "That's good. I'm glad to hear it." She smiled at me. "Why don't you come back to my office and tell me more about what you want to accomplish here."

I nodded as I followed the woman back to her office, and I couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't mind having a go at her. Just thinking about the partner's swaying butt was already making my earlier humiliation start to fade.

She told me to close the door behind me as she carried her coffee to her desk. She looked up at me and she smiled. "All right, then, let's see it."


"Take your clothes off. I want to see your body."

I was kind of thinking this couldn't possibly be happening to me again and at the same time, I was thinking that Penelope Evans was pretty hot, and you know, if a hot woman asks you to take off your clothes, well, I don't know about you, but I do it.

She was obviously unimpressed. "Oh," she exclaimed. "Oh, oh, that just will not do."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Your body. It's hairy. That just will not do."

I looked down at my body. It wasn't all that hairy, I thought. In fact, I didn't think it was hairy at all, but apparently she did. She pressed a button on her desk and moments later, there was a male voice at the other end of the intercom. "Yes, Miss Evans. Get in here Dirk, and bring your clippers."

"Right away, Miss Evans."

Moments later, a young man entered the room. "This is my personal secretary," Miss Evans told me and then she turned her attention to the man who had entered. "Do you see what I see?" she asked.

"Indeed I do, Miss Evans," the man replied. "It's shameful."

Penelope Evans turned her attention back towards me. "You need to be clean-shaven if you're going to work here but don't you worry, Dirk will take care of you. In the future though, I expect you to keep yourself clean shaven and you will be checked often. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Miss Evans."

The young man moved forward and then he started to use the clippers on me, shaving the hair from my arms and legs until he had shaved my skin smooth. He moved to my back and the hairs at my feet continued to grow and then he moved around to my front and went to work on my chest.

I have to tell you that I thought it was erotic to have that man doing what he was doing to me and already my cock was at a semi-hard state of arousal, but what he did next brought it to full erection. He seized my cock and went after my pubes with that clipper.

That clipper surged as it chopped away at more and more of my curly hairs and slowly, he trimmed away more and more of my hairs. He was very thorough about it and in a very short amount of time, he had my body bald from the neck down.

"There, that's better," Miss Evans told me, and noting the hardness between my legs, she smiled. "And I can see you liked it, too."

I murmured my agreement. As turned on as I was, it was hard to argue with her assessment.

"From now on, I don't want to see any more hair on your body, and I want to see you start wearing a bra."

"A bra," I stammered. "But I'm not a girl."

She smiled at me. "What's that got to do with it. From now on, you're going to wear a bra."

I nodded in humility.

"And I want to see it," she told me. "I want it to be black and I want you to always wear light-colored shirts so everyone else can see it, too. Do you understand me?"

I nodded again. I knew I would do what she said.

"Good. Now, all we have to do is figure out what size we're going to make you."

"What s-s-size?" I stammered.

She looked at me as if I were a complete idiot. "Why, of course you have to have a size," she said. "I mean, if you're going to wear a bra, then you're going to have to have tits."

"But I'm a guy," I said.

"I know that," she said disparagingly. "It's not like we are asking you to have a sex change. We just want to give you a nice pair of titties."

Dirk was looking at me as if he were sizing me up. "I think a C-cup would be about right," he said.

Miss Evans looked at her secretary. "That's exactly what I was thinking, too. Will you give Dr. Wandstadt a call, and let's see if we can't set this up right away. I can't wait to see what he looks like with his new tits."

"Right away, Miss Evans," the man said, "but, of course, until then, we can have him wear the padded bra."

"Now wait a minute," I protested.

"You want to be a D-cup?" Miss Evans asked.

"No, but-"

"Good. Then it's settled. Set it up, Dirk."

I couldn't believe it. These people were talking about giving me tits. I knew I should object.I knew I should say something, and I also knew I wouldn't.

"Let's see what he's been wearing," the woman said.

Dirk seemed to know what she wanted. He went over to my clothes and he quickly fished out my underwear.

"But these are men's clothes," Miss Evans said.

"Yes, ma'am," Dirk agreed.

She wheeled on me. "From now on," she said, "I don't want you to see anymore of these things. From now on, you are only to wear women's underthings. Panties and bras. That's it. Do you understand me, mister?"

I ducked my head as I nodded my assent. I would do as she said. Only panties and bras.

"And none of this pedestrian crap," she said. "I want it to be sexy underwear. I want you to show off that cute, little butt of yours. Do you understand me?"

Again, I nodded. Only sexy underwear.

"Dirk, do we have something for this little bitch of ours to wear?"

The man smiled and I just knew he had something wicked for me to wear."How about a pair of crotchless, see-through panties," he offered.

"Excellent," Miss Evans purred. "There's no time like the present to make sure our little intern understands that his crotch is always open to anyone."

I didn't really need to be told that. I had already figured that out for myself.

"Dirk will take you shopping after work," Miss Evans told me. "Don't you worry. We'll get you fitted out with some cute, little sexy underwear."

That's just what I was afraid of.

"I've got something for you," Miss Evans said. "It's just a little token, but I always want to make our new interns feel right at home."

I looked at what she was holding in her hand and with a start, I realized it was a dog collar. It had a tag shaped like a fire hydrant that hung from the front of it, and engraved on the tag was my name and one simple phrase: I'm a bit
ch in heat.

She knew I had seen the tag and yet I did nothing as she locked the collar around my neck. Little did I realize at the time that once it was in place, the only way to get the thing off was to cut it off.

She took
a step back and she looked at me. "Well, don't you look cute," she commented.

I held my tongue, figuring that was the best way not to get into any more trouble.

"Well, you know," she went on, "really, the only way to handle a bitch in heat is to give her what she wants, and right now, it looks like Dirk is waiting for you."

I turned and looked at Dirk and sure enough, the man had removed all his clothes.

"Go on," Miss Evans told me, "get down there and suck on his cock."

What could I do? I got down on my knees and I slid between the other man's legs and I slipped Dirk's dick into my mouth.

There was a flash and when I looked up, I saw Miss Evans holding a camera. I was so humiliated.

She grinned at me. "Just a few keepsakes," she told me, "but don't stop now. Keep on going."

Well, what's a cock sucking intern supposed to do? I kept sucking on Dirk's cock and Miss Evans kept taking her pictures.

From the way he was moaning, I could tell Dirk was getting close, and that just made me suck him harder. The harder I sucked, the deeper he moaned, and instinctively, I knew what was about to happen, and sure enough, moments later, Dirk filled my mouth with his come, and there was Miss Evans to record the whole thing with her camera.

My dick was long and hard and straight as I sucked on that cock and I just couldn't help myself. I sucked down every last drop of cum from Dirk's dick.

Finally though, his limp member slipped from my mouth and I thought I was done, but I was only half right.

Miss Evans told me it was my turn to get my cock sucked and for a moment there, I thought she was going to do me. I should have known better.

Instead, it was Dirk who took up residence between my legs, but man, did he ever know how to suck a cock. I just kept moaning and groaning, and Miss Evans was there to record it all for posterity. I was so embarrassed to have someone taking pictures of a guy sucking my cock, but all I really knew was that I was going to cum and when I did, I was going to fill Dirk's mouth with a generous helping of sperm.

It didn't take all that long and then I was cumming hard, and I was filling Dirk's mouth with my spunk, and he seemed to inhale every last bit of the stuff, and there was Miss Evans shooting away at us with her camera. I was so embarrassed.

By the time I left Miss Evans office, Dirk had sucked me off again and he and Miss Evans were busy talking about how pretty I would look with my new tits. To tell the truth, I didn't know if I should be scared ... or excited ... but all I knew was that there was more to come.
little story Date: Apr 24th @ 1:09am EDT
Although the disclaimer states that this is not true it is!

It was a beautiful day on the Gold Coast, nice and warm, not a cloud in the sky. I was waiting outside an ice-cream parlour for a guy I had met on the Internet. Firstly let me describe myself, I am 16, 5'10, brown med. length hair and brown eyes, cute face and a 6 pack. So there I was standing outside this ice cream place when I saw him, a 21yr old beautiful, muscly, 6′ hunk of a guy! I couldn't believe it and he came up to me and asked me if I was who I was and I stated so. We talked for about 10 minutes before he asked me to go up to his place for a drink, being a Friday afternoon and how horny I was for cock I agreed. So we were walking to his skyrise apartment, him teasing me by feeling my inner thigh every now and then when nobody was looking. We walked up the stairs into his skyrise apartments and got into the lift, he new I was nervous as this was my first time, so he slowly moved over to me and kissed me on my sweet lips, then sticking his tongue down my throat. We got to his floor, floor # 24, and he walked me in. he told me he would get me a drink and to get comfortable. I sat down on his couch and lit up a smoke. He bought me over a drink and we watched a little bit of television before he reached over and started rubbing my cock through my pants, I started getting excited so I responded by looking into his eyes and sticking my tongue down his throat. He responded to that by unzipping my jeans and taking my cock out of my boxers and starting to rub it and stroke it gently still with my tongue in his mouth. After that he ripped my shirt off and ripped my boxers off aswell, so I was sitting there naked with a rock hard 8″ erection and him sitting on the back on his legs in front of me. I had to see his muscly gorgeous body; I took off his shirt to reveal a beautiful 6 pack and big pecks. I almost came with this sight. Then he went down for my cock, he started at the head then took my entire length into his mouth. He sucked long and hard, his mouth just bouncing up and down off my dick. I knew it would not take me long to cum, not with this hunky guy sucking on my hard hot cock with his vacuum mouth! I came in a matter of minutes, I let out a little jerk and came all inside of his mouth, he swallowed every single last drop of my sticky cum, then got up and kissed me again, deeply, giving me the taste of my own cum, oh it tasted great. Now it was my turn, now whilst I was shitting myself and wondering what was going to happen, I had already taken off his pants and had my face about 3 inches from my face. I thought, "fuck it" and went for the plunge. I took it slowly and went to suck on his huge head first, he must have been about 9″ in length, god he was big and I loved every minute of it! After I had had a little suck on his head, I thought I may as well try and deep throat him, I took his member into my mouth and slowly went down his shaft, his 9″ shaft! I got down to about 6″ and I was started to feel his cock in the top of my throat, I took it out and went down again, up and down a little bit more of his massive cock in my mouth each time. After a few minutes I almost had the whole 9 inches of his cockmeat in my hot little mouth. I knew he was going to cum any second now and he to me that he was going to cum so I started jacking him off and sucking him harder and faster, wanting his hot sticky cream all in my mouth and down my throat, and with that he blew, he blew so much cum in my mouth I had to take his cock out of my mouth and in again just to swallow it, some started dribbling down the side of my mouth and my chin so I had to lick all of that off. When I had finished licking his hard cock dry, he told me to bend over his coffee table. I did so and with that he put a little KY jelly on my ass, spread my ass cheeks as wide as they could go and slowly, very slowly, stuck his hot hard huge member into my little virgin ass. It really hurt as first and I had to tell him to stop for a second. But the pain eased off a little and so I told him to fuck me like nothing before, he started off slow again, stuck about 6″ into me then pulled it out, then stuck the whole entire length of his massive cock into me, I could not believe he fit 9″ into my ass, he was so big and I loved it, his cock was so lovely and I was about to cum again with his had meat in me. He started ramming his erection into me when I started screaming, literally screaming for more, I yelled "harder, faster, fuck me baby......!!!" with that he reached around and grabbed my cock and started jacking me off whilst taking long deep strokes into my little virgin ass. I came again, I could not hold it any longer and as soon as I came he shot his hot sticky cum deep into my ass. With that we both lay exhausted on his lounge room floor. I thanked him and told him that this was definitely not the last time I was going to see him. My ass was definitely not a virgin after that and I was proud to say so.
coach's lock Date: Apr 22nd @ 9:14am EDT
I had lain on my back looking up at Coach, Chad and Nate, three (3) men, all masculine and attractive, but each in a different way. All were naked and wet from the shower and all were smiling at me in an almost sinister way. Coach was stroking his dick in long slow pulls. Chad had spread his legs slightly and was rubbing his balls. Nate had his arms crossed and was just looking. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew all three (3) wanted to cum.

Coach was the first to move. He stepped over to soap dispenser and pumped it. He took a handful of soap and rubbed it all over his dick. He stroked for a time and then got another handful and began walking toward me.

Chad sat down, spread his legs on each side of my head and lifted and turned my head into his crotch. Soon his warm, clean and still soft dick was in my mouth. Chad instructed me to run my tongue slowly from the base to the tip.

As I began to do that, I felt the warm, roughened hands of Nate pick up my hips and gently turn my lower body so that I was again flat, with my ass in the air. Nate then spread my legs, and I felt long fingers covered in foamy soap enter my ass, circling, probing and prodding.

Chad's dick had grown long, thick and hard, and he instructed me to open my mouth and take it in. At once, I could feel it almost at the back of my throat, filling my mouth. Instinctively, I began moving my head up and down. Chad told me to also move side-to-side. I was enjoying my work.

All at once, I felt a tremendous pressure in my ass. Coach had begun entering me, slowly, but forcefully. I was torn between wanting to cry and begging for more. I could feel his balls against my ass as he would push in and pull out, going a bit deeper with each plunge.

Then, Nate crossed in front of my, straddled Chad and plunged his dick into Chad's mouth. As I glanced up from time-to-time, I could see Nate's glorious, hairless ass moving in front of me. I remembered just moments ago having been inside that ass, and as I glanced at it, I was somehow more conscious of Coach being in mine.

It was all so exciting, and I never wanted it to end. But, all of the sudden, everyone was moving. We left the showers and moved into the dressing room. I was now on my back, on a table. Chad was grabbing my legs, holding them up and spreading them apart, and in seconds he was inside me, pumping with great energy. I could feel his balls slap my ass, and I could feel his hair rub against my ass right before he would begin to pull out. I really like that, and I grew hard and began throbbing. I began to masturbate. But then Coach turned my head slightly and I at once began licking his hard dick. It had a strong, but not unpleasant taste. I recognized the salty precum, and then I remembered that just moments ago, his dick had been in my ass. I craved more and took Coach's dick in hungrily.

Nate was on the other side of me, across my chest, sucking on my right tit and pinching my left one. Oddly, I was the first to cum, and I did so in a several violent spurts, discharging on my chest and stomach, onto Chad's stomach and onto Nate's cheek. As good as that felt, I somehow thought I had let the others down. After all, they were the ones that were suppose to cum. But, my cumming somehow made me focus more on the others.

Coach seemed hard and taunt, and I expected him to cum shortly. But then Nate did something unexpected. He moved behind Chad and wrapped his fingers around Chad's shaft. I could feel Nate's fingers against my ass as Chad entered, and I could feel them move as Chad retreated. Within minutes, Chad was convulsing, emptying an enormous load into my ass. Slowly Chad pulled back and lowered my legs. I could feel the tick cum moving down to my rectum and slowly seeping out. Nate moved in between my legs, rubbed his dick against mine and began jerking off, slowly and deliberately.

Coach pulled out of my mouth for a moment, then moved on top of me in a type of 69 position, with his dick in my mouth and his crotch covering my face, but instead of taking me in, he took Nate.

Chad moved back and forth, first slapping Coach's ass and then Nate's and going back and forth. Then, as Coach began to convulse, Chad concentrated on Coach. I could feel Chad's hand making incidental contact with my face as he stroked Coach's balls and fingered his ass. Coach exploded. Wave after wave of warm, salty cum. I took in as much as I could, but I knew some was seeping out of the edges of my mouth. It seemed such a waste.

I then heard a loud slapping noise, and I realized that Chad was spanking Nate. Firmly. Loudly. Coach pulled away from Nate, and Nate finally came on Coach's face. The cum ran down Coach's chin onto my stomach and groin.

And, then we were spent. Four (4) men pushed to the point of exhaustion and beyond. I expected we would all shower once again, but instead everyone grabbed towels and blotted the cum and perspiration from our bodies. I was disappointed at first, but then I realized I probably wouldn't be able to stand up long enough to shower. Before we broke away to our separate corners, we patted one another on the ass, as men do, and I thought the evening had ended.

We all left the Coach's Locker Room at the same time, and as we went out into the warm night air, Nate asked if he could give me a ride. I took him up on the offer and waved to Coach and Chad. Nate grabbed me by the shoulder and asked if I would like to come over to his house to clean up and have a drink. I was game.

We were quiet on the trip to Nate's. He lived in a fairly typical suburban house. We walked from the garage into a hallway with the kitchen on one side and the laundry room on the other. Nate began stripping and invited me to, saying he'd throw our clothes into the washer. Our damp shirts stuck to us, and I had to peel my briefs away from my cum-crusted groin. Nate told me to grab a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator while he ran a bath. As I walked into the kitchen, I couldn't help but watch the ass I now knew so well head across the house.

Everything in the house was in place, and it was remarkably clean. When I went into the bathroom, Nate had the water running. I was surprised to see a large, sunken tub. We stood by the tub and drank our water as the tub filled. Nate's hand was cupping my ass and my shoulder was resting on his head. I thought, "Round Three". Instead, Nate shut off the water and got into the tub. He told me to get in and rest my head against his chest. I obliged.

The water was warm, with a eucalyptus scent and a slight green tint. Nate began to slowly and gently wash my shoulders, chest and pits, with long, soft strokes. He moved to my groin and did the same. I began to harden, and I could feel his dick pressing against my back.
good time Date: Apr 20th @ 9:25am EDT
I was in a club and at that moment the music was a thumping techno beat backed by a loud and rolling keyboard playing electronic noise. Lights flashed and strobed all around as sweaty strangers bumped against each other as they undulated and danced. I know this probably sounds familiar, like you heard it before, or it happened to you before. Maybe it's an average story and nothing special. I guess I think back on it because it happened to me and I love replaying the memory.

He was near the bar dressed in a navy jacket with a blue shirt, no tie and two buttons open, doing his best to look like he was cool and did not care about anything. It was working, at least for me. He was hot, bald with a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee, and he looked vaguely Latino. He was one of those guys who looked skinny and scrawny at first glance, but you knew that under his clothes he was muscled up despite his frame and looked chiseled like Bruce Lee. He put off that vibe that said, Just for a hook up. I thought he was hot and I had no problem with that.

I managed to catch his eye. He apparently liked what he saw, and he knew I understood what he wanted. He stepped up to me and said nothing. We went to the edge of the floor and moved and ground against each other with the rest of the crowd. No at a word was said. The dancing was just a formality.

As I turned, undulating my body, I caught sight of my friend Taffy a little further on the floor. At that moment the nameless techno electronica gave way to t.A.T.u.'s 'Malchik Gay', which happens to be her favorite song. She sees me and that I am with someone and gives a high sign. Taffy has hooked up with a big butchy looking girl, the kind that she likes to be with. I wave back. Each knows the other has scored, but my friend will not be leaving the club with us, although Taffy's could possibly come home. She is looking for a relationship. I've been burned too many times, so for now I just want to play.

The music changes again. 'Fireflies'. Neither my hot stud nor myself are in the mood for slow dancing. He suggest we go to the bar, the first thing said. There he orders us shots of something called Prairie Fire. It's hot, cinnamon and burning. The jury is still out on if it tasted good or not. I have not had it again since. Although he ordered us two more and I drank the second one down as well.

He whispers in my ear, not trying to be romantic, but sly. There is a place he knows in the club that's out of the way enough and private. He wanted to know if I thought that would be okay.


We go to the spot he knows. There is a scaffold hidden by a tarp. We climb up the steps to a platform. As he suggested no one can see us. Only someone who knew it was there would even know to find it.

We kissed, hot and passionately, each groping at the other. It is the only thing that makes it feel the slightest bit romantic. Hands between us I work the buttons of his shirt. I reach in and feel his sweaty and muscled chest. His hands go lower. He undoes my belt, and then opens my pants. I sigh and rub his chest, kissing him again as he reaches in and fishes out my cock.

I pant into his mouth, eyes closed as he slowly strokes my stiffening shaft. "That's nice, baby," he tells me, finally something coherent.

"Yeah," I whisper back. I kissed his ear and then his neck. As I grind my side against him as he jacks me I feel that his own cock is already hard, and very big.

"Go on," he says.

I slipped down, feeling my cock slide through his hand. Then I opened his zipper and reached in with my fingers to coax his own out. It is nice and thick, beautiful veins. He is at least seven inches, and getting his balls out was too much of a hassle. He was uncut, which I love as much as Taffy loves plump dykes. I tugged the foreskin back to reveal a round and fat head glistening with precum.

"Mmmmm, yeah, baby," he sighs.

I gave him a few more strokes, playing the skin back and forth over the head. Then I licked into his slit a couple of times, and cleaned the head to get the taste of his sticky and somewhat bland precum. It had a real strong aftertaste though, and I knew that his full load would taste a lot better.

I went to town, feeling his hands on my shoulders, gently massaging. God he tasted good. His musk was an aroma that even the liberal splash of cologne he had put on could not hide.

"Yeah, baby," he hissed. He bucked himself against my face, the fabric of his pants scratching at my cheeks.

My body was alive with sensation. There was a funky remix of The Doors song 'Strange Days' playing, and that seemed to fit what I was feeling just fine. My cock was rock hard, and I could feel a long tear of precum of my own slowly drip out of my own slit.

I put a hand at the base of his shaft to hold it steady to that I could suck harder. I could tell from the little bit of juice in my mouth and the way he was breathing it wouldn't be much longer. It didn't bother me that it was quick, because sometimes it's more thrilling that way, especially with an anonymous stranger.

He let out a harsh breath and gave a slight, "Yes." Then I felt him go ridged, his buttocks clenching. As he put a gentle hand on top of my head and began to groan I knew it was time to get ready to swallow.

I was totally with the flow. The first spurt of his cum went down so smoothly I almost missed the fact that he was getting off. It coated my tongue as I drew my head back and his second spurt was leaking out of the corner of my mouth. I moved my tongue and scooped it in as a third spurt hit the back of my throat. At last I could finally taste it. It was hot and spicy, just like the shots we had drank.

I worked my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock until his unseen balls were finally empty. When he was done I stood up and he urged me to turn around. I put my jeans covered ass against his dying cock. He put a hand between my shoulders and guided me to bend forward like I was going to take him. Then he reached beneath me and took my cock in hand. He worked it in long and rough strokes until I finally came, my sperm splattering against the tarp that hid the scaffold.

We straightened ourselves up and adjusted our clothes. Then back down the steps and out to the dance floor. Taffy was dancing cheek to cheek with her plump dyke as Aerosmith's 'What It Takes' played on the house speakers. He stepped out into the crowd and soon disappeared. I spent the rest of the night slow dancing with a cute guy named Stan, who like I, was a third wheel, waiting for the friend he had come with and his friend's "date" decide they were ready to leave.

nick's lawyer Date: Apr 14th @ 1:00am EDT
Nick's divorce was immanent he was standing in front of a window on the sixth floor of an office building listening to Craig, his lawyer go over details contained in his wife's divorce papers. He was glad it was almost over but not about how greedy she was being about things. He hated having to be mean.
"it says here Nick" Craig said looking up and seeing him staring out the window. "that you and your wife had no sexual intercourse for a year prior to your separation, were you having an affair?"
"no I was not having an affair, but I just could not get into being with her anymore, Craig, just id not desire sex anymore"
Craig got up from his desk and approached Nick, slowly.
"can I ask you something Nick?"
"sure" he said looking back at his lawyer.
"you say you no longer desired your wife, what about women in general? He put his hand on Nick's shoulder.
"tell you the truth I never liked women all that much just kind of did it because I was always taught that men belong with women"
"ever been with a man Nick, and if so was it during your marriage?"
"yes one man, while in college, it only lasted a month, after that I met my wife and never looked at anyone else, and no nothing during marriage, I f I am with someone I am with them no one else"
" I see" Craig said as his hand was now feeling up Nick's ass. "I like you Nick " he said putting both hands on Nick's hips and leaning in and kissing his neck "you now realize you're a mans man don't you and I want to unleash that raging fag inside you Nick"
Nick turned and kissed him full on the lips and they both knew the truth was out and he no longer fought the urge to be with a man. Craig undid his new lovers pants and the fell to the floor exposing the bottom half of Nick who was a stone mason and very fit ad muscular, as his shirt was unbuttoned it exposed a ripped chest and abs. Craig felt his cock thrust to attention as he backed Nick up and sat him on the edge of the office couch.
"undo my pants Nick" he commanded, he knew it had been a while so he would need direction. Nick did as he was ordered, he undid the belt then the button and let fall the trousers. Nick was taken back by the size he was staring at eight inches long and at least double the thickness of any thing seen before. Craig began undoing his tie and shirt he was fit but not overly muscular and had a chest of hair that excited Nick.
"suck my cock stud". Nick needed no further invitation, he knew he could not swallow it all so he wrapped a hand around the bas and licked his way down the shaft as far as he could. He started slowly at first getting reacquainted with the feel, and after spiting on the tip of the penis for lubrication he began devouring the first cock he had had in years.
"oh fuck Nick that's amazing, you can really suck a cock, oh my sweet god!" Craig just stood with his hands at his side as Nick sucked him like a starving man having his first meal in weeks. He put his hands on Nicks head and grabbed a hand full of hair as he came into Nicks mouth. Nick cleaned up the come as best he could and sat back on the sofa pushing some of the white love into his mouth with his finger.
"your turn lover on your knees and suck me till I blow" he demanded, and it turned Craig on to know Nick was into it so much.
He dropped to his knees and spread his legs Nick wasn't the biggest he'd ever had six and half and normal girth, but he was cut and it had an interesting curve. He went right to work as Nick threw his head back to rest on the back of the sofa and put one hand on his lawyers bobbing head and the other played with his own nipple. It didn't take long for him to feel the burn and for the first time in years he had a mind blowing orgasm the bulk of which Craig swallowed. Craig kissed his way up the Adonis like chest and they kissed .
"okay lover" Craig panted, time to get serious" he stood up and walked to his desk, Nick watched him bend over as he pulled a tube of lube from his bottom drawer. Nick smiled " I see you have men here a lot"
"a few you would be surprised how many men are divorcing to explore alternative lifestyles" he winked as he applied lube to his still hard cock. He knelt in front of Nick again and put his feet up on the couch spurting some lube to his thumb he massaged it into Nick starfish. "mmmmmmmmm please put you cock in me Lawyer Man"
"just what I planned" he took and held Nicks legs under the knee as he positioned himself at the opening and slowly entered him a little at a time. He got all the way in and stopped for a few seconds as he moved Nicks knees to hang them over his shoulders and used his hands to play with Nicks nipples. He slowly began thrusting deep and then pulling shallow and thrusting back deep. He slowly straightened his legs and leaned on his hands so he was pushing with his toes and fucking Nick hard and moderately fast. Nick could not believe he had been denying himself this for so long, no wonder he could not get up for his wife, she had no cock. His thoughts soon turned orgasmic as the full force of the cock inside him against his g spot made him come again, and shortly after he felt the hot white love from another man flow into him like water. Craig groaned through gritted teeth as he came like thunder, and after his muscles relaxed he fell back on the floor on his back, leaving Nick on the couch panting.
After a minute Nick caught his breath and moved to his knees between Craig's legs and began massaging lubricant onto his crooked manhood. He rolled Craig onto his stomach and pulled him onto all fours, positioning himself so that when he did he entered his ass. His pleasure was unbelievable as he put his hands on Craig's shoulders and pushed him down so his forehead was in the floor and proceeded to pound him with everything he had left. Nick's enthusiasm made Craig feel an orgasm of his own from within, which had only happened once before.
"Come inside me please I need to feel it!" Nick more than obliged as he came for the third time in an hour.
They both sat back against the couch on the floor, Nick pulled cigarettes from his pants and they shared a smoke. "wow Craig, that was hot"
"oh man was it ever, and we can do it again tomorrow at my place"
"you know this could be the beginning of a beautiful and dirty partnership"
Later that week Craig found evidence that Nick's wife was having several affairs around town negating her claim to anything making the divorce still very bitter but less costly for his new lover.
Dylan is back in town Date: Apr 13th @ 12:46pm EDT
hello guys! this week was easter here! i can not log in ! tomorow im online sexy like allways and horny! wayting new people in my room! kisses ! happy lifee! was a great Easter! hehhe
sex sex sex Date: Apr 6th @ 1:58am EDT
It was about 10:30 PM on a Friday night. I was just on my way home from a party. I was really wasted and had to go to work early next morning. I decided to take a shortcut down an old dirt road I knew of so as not to get caught. The whole time I had been thinking of something that had happened at the party. Only about five minutes left til I get home, I thought. Right then, as if to snap me out of a dream, I heard a loud siren and those infamous, flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror. I stopped the car right on the spot as I figured hardly anyone else knew about or used this road. I was really surprised to even see this cop. Just my luck. After waiting for what seemed like a painfully long time, I saw the shadow of a bulky figure probably about six feet tall get out of the driver side door and slam it shut. As he came up to my car, he mouthed. "Any idea how fast you were going?" "About 30″ I reply. "44 miles per hour in a 25 zone". I thought he has to be kidding. What will I hit out here? A wandering gopher? "License and registration." I scrambled for it real quick and gave it to him.

As I did so, I couldn't help but notice that this officer was a very handsome man. He looked to be of European descent with a nice tan, ripped physique, and baby blue eyes that could stare a hole right through you. He started to go to his car for a minute and then stopped. That's when I noticed a bulge in his pants that could in no way be what it looked like. It was just too big. I got out of my car for a second which got me a pissed off look from the officer at first. I go up to him with my hands in plain view and start rubbing one hand over the fabric on his bulging crotch area. "Are you sure there isn't some way we could work things out?" He then smiled as I dropped to my knees. He told me to get up and take off all of my clothes. I happily did so and he then proceeded to undress himself and lay his clothing on the hood of his patrol car. "Cavity search! Assume the position!" he said in a maliciously playful tone. I do as told. I'm thinking as this is going on 'Damn this is wild..I know there are fantasies where women get out of tickets this way all of the time. I was now going to share this fantasy with all of those wild women.

As I assumed the position on the hood of my own vehicle, I felt his hot breath and lips on my neck as his strong hands started to explore my body. "Open your mouth" he says and inserts a couple of fingers into my mouth feeling around. When he pulls his finger out, I suck it. "Good finger" I joke. "My dick will taste better" he says. He then proceeds to oil up my anal crevice and slowly sticks his entire hand up there much to my dismay. After a second of 'searching' he's done. "I think you can assume your original position now." I turn around and drop to my knees as he has just turned the lights to my car off and we are in total darkness. I reach towards his strongly muscular thighs, grabbing the backs and put my lips to the tip of his dick, sticking my tongue out to lick some salty precum from the tip of the head. "Mmmm, you were right..this is much better" I say. His cock was huge, a monster. It had to be at least a good 12 or 13 inches and thick, too. I wondered whether I could take it all in. I then moved one hand to grab his balls and grabbed his erection in the other as I licked and kissed top to bottom slowly. Then I slowly inserted the head of his rock hard penis into my mouth as I pumped with my left hand while fondling his testicles with my right hand.

I was sucking hard on the head and could tell he was in heaven as he could barely keep his balance and his hands were lightly brushing my hair. I move my hands back to his thighs and start to bob as far as I can while keeping a good pace. He moans "OOooooAAawww God!.." *schlup! schlup! schlup! schlup!* As fast as I go, I still take the time to taste this monstrous beauty. "Delicious" I thought. I don't want him to cum yet though. He stops me before he gets there. "Now, I want you to assume the position again." I do so and he then moves behind me with the wet tip of his large cock teasing my eager fuckhole. I'm still oiled from the 'search'. I then feel his nipples against my back as he reaches around and plays with my nipples. Then he inserts about half of his throbbing monster into my well lubed backside. I wince at first, then moan "Fuck yeah." He then locks his hips to mine and starts pumping me harder and faster as he kisses my neck and continues to feel up and down my front side. After giving me a minute or two to get used to it, he was tearing away at my ass like a man possessed, many times shoving the entire hot, sticky length into my quivering hole to the base. I cried "Ow!" or "Ah!" a couple of times, but it didn't stop him or slow him down a bit. Still, even through the pain, I was enjoying this tremendously. After all, not all pain is bad.

I then sensed that he was about to blow. I temporarily shocked him as I pushed back with all of my might to get him off of me. I dropped to my knees and pointed his erupting member at my open mouth. He came like a geyser, with some landing on my face and some into my mouth. He then told me "Get up, it's your turn." In a heartbeat, he dropped to his knees and took me in his warm mouth. I could tell that he had some experience as he kept a really good pace and control as he just let all the saliva flow. Then all of a sudden "Aaaahhhh yeah!" I scream as I shoot my juices down his hungry throat. He then gets up and licks the rest of the cum from my face and kisses me hard. "What about that ticket?" I ask. "What ticket?" He pats me on the ass and tells me to get going. I happily oblige, hoping that we would meet again one day. I wanted to say I'd be more careful about speeding, but it's so easy to lose track of how fast you're going.....
yes or nah Date: Apr 5th @ 2:34am EDT
Before we start, let me introduce you to the five main characters. Jean was about 5'10" with light brown, medium combed back hair, brown beautiful eyes and facial features that are somewhat feminine, yet still handsomely rugged at the same time. Paul was 6′ with slightly longer black hair and sideburns. He was Italian and though he had somewhat of a large nose, he had the cutest face and smile. Tony was also Italian at about 6'4″ tall with a black flattop and slender facial features. Brad was 5'10" with blonde, short spiked hair, baby blue eyes and a babyface that could disarm many. Then there's Jacob who was 6'1″ with shoulder length dark brown hair, green eyes and a rugged poet or artist type look with a little bit of gruff as he was the only one not cleanshaven. All of them were ripped with model physiques. That's because they were all models. Fashion models in town for a shoot. They were staying at Brad's summer house, which was fully equipped with a pool and bar, for the weekend of the shoot.

All of them were in the closet homosexuals who only dated their "girlfriends" as a media cover to avoid hassle. None of them had a "boys night" for a while and had looked forward to getting off the shoot for the day. Everyone except Paul are in the pool playing volleyball in really tight swimtrunks. Paul had drank a few and was hanging by the poolstairs watching. "You can take my place the next game, man" yelled Jacob. They were all having a good time and when the game was over, Jacob waded over to Paul and said "Come on, man, you wanna play some? I..." Jacob stopped midsentence when he looked down and saw something through the water. Paul had a raging hardon poking against his tights. "I kind of wanted to get an early start on the other game" Paul said. With that, Jacob smiled back and kneeled with just his head above water as he pulled on Paul's pants and Paul stepped out. Out flipped his large, thick, hard penis which was about 12′ long. Jacob looked directly into Paul's lustful eyes as he palmed his massive erection for a minute. The others had grown silent. Then Jacob ducked his head underwater and went down on Paul's dick as he held his breath. The others hooted and hollered in the background and smiled at each other as they had been fondling each other while watching. Once they saw Jacob go under, they swam over to join in. Jacob would go under, blowing him for a few seconds, then come up for air a few seconds, and go back under. They stopped momentarily as Paul moved up to sit on the pool's edge. Once Paul reseated himself, Jacob wasted no time going right back down on Paul's pulsing, hot penis. As he sucked, he felt someone grab his hips and surprise him by slipping their long, thin veiny cock into his ass as they spread his cheeks. It was Tony. He could tell because his cock was thin and somewhere between 13 and 14 inches long. Along with some of the cool water, Tony's cock entering him created a cooling sensation momentarily. Right beside them, Jean and Brad were heavily kissing as Brad stopped, cupped some water in his hands, and dropped it over Jean's pecs, letting the water flow down. Then Brad started sucking on Jean's muscular pecs and kissing and fingering his way down his chiseled form to his abs, then teasingly going back up and sticking his tongue down Jeans' throat once again, while rubbing their hard, wet cocks against one another's. Back to the other three, Jacob was in heaven as he had Paul's deliciously large penis in his mouth while Tony's long member was working his ass at as fast a pace as he could muster underwater. Tony reached around to jack Jacob off as he nailed his tight ass. In another minute, Tony came hard as he pulled Jacob into him shuddering. Then Jacob pulled off Paul just in time to have Paul's massive load land all over his face and lips.

Brad was now in the middle of a blowjob with Jean when Paul had the idea to move it to the beach out back. "We can all eat" he said smiling. "Good idea" said Brad. So Brad and Sean got up and, with the others, went out back. They found a shaded spot of sand beneath a palm tree and bedded down. Everyone formed an oral chain with Jacob sucking Jean, Jean sucking Paul, Paul sucking Brad, Brad sucking Tony, and Tony sucking Jacob. As Brad was sucking Tony, he could barely go down the entire length, but he had a good time trying as he gagged a few times but just used the extra saliva for added effect as he sucked and gulped harder. In a minute, everyone was going at it hard as they sucked and jacked each other at a very fast pace, with each trying to be the first the hot, salty reward. Then Brad stopped and said "Anyone ready to fuck now?" At that, everyone stopped and got up. Then Jean laid on the ground on his stomach with his wet 9″ erection rubbing the cool sand. Then he felt Brad's 10 inches enter his puckered backdoor slowly. Then Jacob came behind Brad, and entered. Then Tony entered Jacob , and Paul entered Tony. Once positioned, they were all pumping at each other's well-toned asses like one giant, sweaty, muscular piston. As they were pounding each others soft, firm anal crevices, everyone was moaning and grunting like wildmen. Jean was the first to cum as he was squashed against the sand with the pressure of four men pounding his cute, round ass when he came on the sand and his own stomach as they continued to pump away. Then Tony screamed "Ah-ah-ah-aaaahhhh!" as he flexed his pecs and abs hard, cumming almost in Jacob's bowels. Then Tony got out to watch and Paul entered Jacob's dripping fuckhole in his place, slipping his thick penis in in no time at all. After another minute, Jacob could take no more as he grabbed Brad's ass and squeezed, cumming hard. Jacob left and Paul went to Brad's eager fuckhole.

Paul was on a roll! Paul slipped his still hard monster into Brad's soft ass and starting slamming it rough, and sure enough, Brad blew his loadfilling up Jean's tight ass. It was now down to Paul and Jean as Jean was staying in still. Paul started pounding him and to everyone's surprise, both were lasting what seemed like forever. Tony then got behind Paul, hard again, and slipped into him from behind. Brad moved to kiss him and feel up his rock hard body as Paul finally came like a geyser, filling up Jeans' cute ass so much that it was running in streams down his legs. They all collapsed in a mass of hot, sticky, sweaty muscle. "Brad...*huff huff*" Paul said out of breath. "Yeah." "How long do we have here?" "One more night." "We gotta do this more often." "Yeah."
hiiii!! have fun!! Date: Apr 4th @ 1:41am EDT
Well it all started a couple years ago just after my 21st birthday. I had a girlfriend who was very sexual. We fucked all the time, but I still felt something was missing. When she would leave the house I would jump on the computer and watch gay porn. At first it was just once in a while when I was bored. Then it turned into everyday and the gay porn just got more and more kinky. It was all I could think about. Finally I got the guts to put out an ad in the classifieds on a website for some jerk off fun. I thought, we just sit around, watch some porn and watch each other pull our cocks. I got a reply about an hour later. It was from a guy who was 42. That's a little old for me I told him. He was so persistent. He kept emailing me talking about how he could make me feel so good and comfortable. He said he is very discreet and can take care of me like I deserve. He really sweet talked me. My girlfriend was kind of a bitch and never talked to me like that. It felt nice. He told me he had a large collection of str8 porn and would buy some booze for us to loosen up. "You're buying booze?", I said, "I'm in! Get tequila!" We set up a time for the next day and started to chat a bit and trade some pics. He told me how young boys like me are sexy. I was so flatered. I confessed to him I was truly straight and never been with a man. He was obviously very turned on as he had many follow up questions. I also told him some fantasies I have about being topped. We had some cyber sex, blew our loads and said goodbye till our meet tomorrow.

8 o'clock came and I went to his house just a few miles away. I walked to his door, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. When he answered I was kind of surprised. He was a little taller and more muscular than he looked in his pictures. He seemed like he towered over me. "Come on in" he said. "Tequila is on the counter just like you asked." I said thank you and continued to the kitchen to find the tequila set out with shot glasses ready. I poured 2 shots and took them down one after the other. I looked over to the living room and he had already had the porn playing for me. Some blonde chick getting totally nailed by these 2 guys. "Looks good." I said and walked over to the couch and had 2 more shots. I'm a little buzzed now and feeling pretty good so I get started and pull out my cock. It was embarassing at first but I kept on going. He walks over to the couch and says, "Looks like the tequila did it's trick." He gave a chuckle and sat down too. He pours a couple more shots and I slam them down. He sees the alcohol take effect and starts to seduce me. He says, " you're such a sexy boy. I like watching you work your cock. You are so sexy" This makes me feel hot and I stroke harder and rub my balls. "Now," he says, "I want you to touch my cock." I tell him I'm straight but he says, "that's ok" and keeps rubbing his hands all over my body. He keeps moving himself closer on the couch until he is all over me. He rubs his hands down my chest and I start to moan a little with pleasure and this really turns him on. He starts to unzip his pants and my eyes widden at the sight of his big cock. He forcefully grabs my hand and puts it on his dick. I dont know what I'm doing. I find myself starting to stroke his cock on my own. Just when I start to realize that I'm beggining to like the feel of his cock in my hands, he grabs me by my hair and slams my face into his crotch. "PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY COCK BOY!" I do just as I'm told and slide his dick down my tongue.

suck his big cock nice and slow. I can feel it grow inside my mouth and I begin to choke. I pull my head off his dick and spit runs from his rock hard cock down my face. I try to catch my breath when I get a frim slap across my face. "You dont take your mouth off my dick bitch till I tell you!! Do you understand?" I feel so helpless. I think, what am I doing? I could just get up and run for the door. But before I can get up and make a run for it, I find myself saying " Yes sir,I understand." And I put his cock back down my throat. I suck it deep and hard. I choke but this time I keep on his dick. I can feel my dick getting hard through my pants and I start to rub myself. He notices my rubbing and says, "Looks like you're starting to like this aren't you boy?" I give an embarrassed grin with his cock in my mouth, pull out and say, "Yes. I like sucking your cock. It feels so fucking good going down my tongue." He just leans back and laughs. "I knew you would boy." I crawl back to his dick and start to suck it again. Now he starts to get aggressive. He grabs the back of my head and shoves his dick so far down my throat. It felt like 10 seconds of choking. Tears ran down my face. He pulls my head back and gives me a slap in the face. "You love Daddy's cock don't you boy!!??" I can barely talk after the cock choking. "I love sucking your cock" I say. WHACK!!!!! I get another slap across the face. This one really hurt. I think I actually saw stars. "I'M YOUR DADDY NOW BOY!! AND YOU WILL CALL ME DADDY WHENEVER YOU ARE SPOKEN TO!!! UNDERSTAND BOY?" That last slap hurt so fucking bad. I don't want to get slapped again. "Yes Daddy I understand. I will be good for you Daddy." He smiles and nodds his head. "I'm glad you're going to be good for me boy. Because you are about to get Daddy's dick up that tight boy ass of yours." My eyes widen with fear......
good day darling Date: Apr 1st @ 11:37am EDT
lets start! hehehe!! hello guys! it s me ! DYLAN! a lot of kisses for all of you!! ♥ i am very curious to see all people of here lol! i was born curious! ahahha!! i hope to attent a race cars one day!!! i wanna visit Miami Beach too!!:P i lovee summer and pools!! but spring just beggin!! ♥ heheh!! talk more tomorow guys!! have a great day,and be youu!! believe in your dreams!!
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